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School Trips Plus is operated by Community Alerts Ltd – a company which was set up in October 2002 with a goal to develop services to help keep children safe at venues throughout the UK or whilst on holiday abroad. Working with the backing and support of the RNLI, ABTA, BCSC (British Council of Shopping Centres), NAHT and NCPTA, other services include:

  • Child Safe Zones ( - a service which has gone from strength to strength, providing a nationally recognised 'Lost Child' service to shopping centres, town and city centres, beaches and visitor attractions throughout the UK and Ireland.
  • Family Safe Plus ( – an online registration service providing secure storage of information for the whole family, which could prove vital in an emergency or other incident.
  • Child Safe Accessories ( – simple tags and wristbands for children, ensuring that contact telephone numbers and, for families registered with FamilySafePlus, the Family ID are carried at all times.

School Trips Plus

While conducting our research into lost child situations, we were asked by numerous teachers to look at developing a service to help keep children safe when on school trips. This service has been in development for over two years. During this time we have sought the expertise of many people within the education sector, from teacher associations and head teachers to visitor attractions and parents. Schools Trips Plus is the culmination of this work.

This service aims to:

  • Raise the standards of safety and education at venues and make it easier for teachers to find the information regarding venues that they need to organise a school trip more effectively.
  • Provide a low cost but effective messaging service to assist communication between teachers, parents and schools and giving reassurance to children and their families when school trips are running.

This is an ongoing process which will be continually developed with the help, advice and expertise of the appropriate authorities.

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