School Trips Plus +
Safe and found sense for all schools


FAQs - School:

1. How can I register my school?
Click on the “New School Registration tab at the top of this screen and it will open up a new window on a secure site allowing you to identify your school and request a password.

2. I cannot find my school on the system?
We have over 60,000 schools on the system so initially try searching on part of the school name or on all or part of the postcode. If you are still unable to locate your school please contact School Trips Plus with full details and we will be happy to add it to the system. The School ID and Password will then be forwarded, to enable you to access the account.

3. What is the cost of registration?
There is a one off set up fee of £195 ex VAT per school (includes first year’s annual fee). The ongoing annual fee is £95 ex Vat per annum.

4. How much do calls cost?
Calls to the Parent Line are charged at 5p per minute at all times. Mobile rates may vary.
Calls to the Teacher and Public Lines are charged at the national call rate.

5. Can I use the accessories without being registered?
The School Trips Plus reusable and single use wristbands can be used by non-registered schools as they provide a place to enter emergency contact information.

6. How secure is the information stored?
Very secure - the data is encrypted with the same technology that banks use. No one can access your school account without your password and ID number. Your school details are held on a secure database.

7. Will a teacher’s mobile phone number be given out?
No personal mobile phone numbers will be given out. The automated system insures that personal numbers are not revealed to the public or parents.

FAQs – Teachers:

1. What happens when a member of the public calls the service in the event of an incident?
If a child is lost on a trip and a member of the public calls the number shown on the School Trips Plus Accessories, ALL the Trip Teachers’ mobile phones will ring SIMULTANEOUSLY.
The person who first answers the call will be asked to PRESS 1 TO ACCEPT THE CALL allowing them to talk to the member of the public and resolve the issue.

2. What happens if the mobile phones are out of signal or go through to answerphone while a call is trying to get through?
The system will try to call all Trip Teachers’ mobile phones 3 times before diverting to the 24 Hour Support Centre.

3. Which Phones will simultaneously ring on a Trip?
All the mobile phones which were entered online in the TRIP TEACHERS / HELPERS table on the school account – a maximum of 5.

4. When is the 24 Hour Support Centre involved?
Calls from a member of the public are answered by the 24 Hour Support Centre, if:

  • A call from a member of the public or venue staff has failed to be automatically connected to a Trip Teacher / Helper.
  • A call is made but there is more than one active trip for that school at that time.
  • A call is made to direct to the alternative number shown on an accessory.
  • Trip Teachers should also use the direct number to contact School Trips Plus in an emergency out of hours.

5. How will the 24 Hour Support Centre help?
The Support Centre will endeavour to transfer the call to a teacher on the trip or other contact registered on the account.

If they are unable to transfer a call to a registered contact, they will advise the caller to contact on-site security or the emergency services as appropriate.

PLEASE NOTE: The School Trips Plus Support Centre can only act as a facilitator endeavouring to connect a call to a registered contact number. We do not intervene in, nor do we have any participation in any search process, other than forwarding this information, and dealing with queries from relevant authorities. We are not responsible for any follow up action taken or not taken.

FAQs – Parents:

1. What is the cost of a call?
Calls to the Parent Line number are charged at 5p per minute at all times. Mobile rates may vary.