School Trips Plus +
Safe and found sense for all schools

For Schools

School Trips Plus Messaging Service provides

  • Reassurance and peace of mind that help is at hand in the event of an accident or incident on a trip.
  • Simple and effective lines communication between teachers, parents and members of the public or venue staff.
  • The ability to keep parents up-to-date and reassured

On a Trip:


Parent Messages

  • Keep parents informed (e.g. trip departure time, trip requirements, safe arrivals)
  • Record updates (e.g. delays – stuck in traffic)
  • Report how the pupils are getting on (perfect to keep parents updated on residential trips!) Listen Now! »

Trip Conference Calls

  • Allows teachers on a trip to simultaneously speak to all other trip teachers. This is vital when a teacher needs help to manage an incident.

Lost & Found

  • If a pupil becomes separated from the group or is involved in an accident or incident, trip teachers can be contacted immediately by a member of the public or venue staff by calling the number and entering the School ID on the wristband or hi vis jacket – ensuring teachers can react within minutes of an incident occurring.