School Trips Plus +
Safe and found sense for all schools

How it Works

School Trips Plus is very simple to set up for your school - takes about 5 minutes and we do all the work for you.

The service combines a clever ‘lost and found’ service via wristbands or hi-vis vests with a risk management tool and messaging service.

Each school is provided a unique School ID which is placed on the wristbands or hi-vis vests. Once activated this unique School ID is automatically linked to the risk management tool, messaging service and 24hr Support Centre, providing a complete school trip solution:


  1. Simply enter the details of the teachers going on the trip via the secure, online account
  2. Give each pupil a School Trips Plus wristband or hi-vis vest (contains the unique School ID)
  3. If one of your pupils becomes separated from the group or is involved in accident or incident, any member of the public or venue staff can call the service and enter the unique School ID on the wristband or vest. The service then automatically and simultaneously calls all teachers on the trip.



  1. If an incident should occur, any trip teacher can call the service and enter the school ID to automatically bring up to 4 other teachers into a conference call - ensuring help is at hand to manage the incident
  2. Anyone finding a lost or injured pupil can immediately get in contact with a teacher on the trip
  3. The 24hr Support Centre is available for any member of the public, venue staff or teacher to utilise in times of emergency



  1. School Trips Plus incorporates a messaging service for parents, called Parent Hotline
  2. Up to 3 days before the trip, teachers can leave a voicemail message for parents, giving details of the trip (e.g. departure time, meeting point, special requirements etc)
  3. During the trip, teachers can call the service to leave updates for parents at any time (e.g. safe arrival, children are having a great time, we’re going to be back half an hour late due to traffic). This is proven to provide parents the reassurance they need.


For further information about School Trips Plus and how it can work for your school, please email or call one of our customer services staff on 08700 62 49 19